Nanotech Chip Monitors Health and Medication

Researchers at the University of Florida have utilised nanotechnology to create pills that can communicate with laptops and mobile phones to monitor pill taking.

The technology combines RFID microchips with printed nanoparticle antennas to make tablets that can inform doctors and patients about whether medication has been taken.

Although currently only at prototype stage, testing has now begun on the product.

After the pill has been consumed it is triggered into action by a device worn by the patient. Once the signals have been sent the tablet will be broken down and the silver nanoparticles will leave no more of a trace then regular tap water.

The researchers have applied for a patent on the pills whilst a UF spinoff company is planning to develop the next generation of the pill that will be suitable for FDA testing.

It is thought that if this breakthrough is put into action it could combat missed medication. Whether it is forgotten or refused, this new technology will provide doctors with additional information and therefore greater power to help their patients help themselves.

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