Mozilla Makes Net More Accessible

Mozilla plans to make the internet more accessible with the release of new website technology, "Drumbeat"

Executive director Mark Surman explained that Drumbeat will act as a gateway for the online presence of individuals. The system will include impartial peer rating to give users an idea of the quality of the work they can access. It will also focus on creating greater transparency when signing up to legal agreements online.

Rather than being forced to accept incomprehensible terms and conditions, Surman proposes that Drumbeat should offer a set graphic symbols to make legal jargon decipherable for everyone. He is currently in discussions with US Lawyers over the creation of such a system.

Surman also argues that the way people currently view knowledge about coding and internet input is incredibly flawed. He says that we see these things as something that "people learn as the side piece of their job and don't take seriously as a suite of tools they can build their careers around."

He proposes that Universities should begin to teach coding and provide cascade material in order to equip everyone with a basic level of knowledge on the subject. For him it is crucial that we take the reins of the internet away from large corporations and experts and put them back into the hands of the every man.

Mozilla is viewing Drumbeat as a long term project. The company intends to spread Drumbeat virally through word of mouth and has high hopes that it will increase their existing 25 per cent share of the internet browsing market.

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