Most Cyber Attacks Only Use Three Methods

According to a report from Verizon, businesses only need to focus on a few methods to cover most cyber attacks.

The researchers discovered that while no organisation is immune from cyber attacks, 92% of attacks in the last nine years can be linked to just nine basic patterns.

Dave Ostertag, global investigations manager at Verizon said: "By identifying the threats that enable most attacks for each sector, this report enables firms to have a more focused and effective approach to fighting cyber threats.

"This enables companies to draw up a strategy, prioritise security investments, see what will give the best returns, identify trends and predict where things are going to identify potential targets."

Dave Ostertag noticed a pattern that has emerged in the past year, with attackers continuously targeting data about business deals, property deals, purchase bids and contracts.

Point of sale intrusions, denial of service attacks and web application attacks are responsible for 76% of cyber security incidents in the retail industry.

According to Verizon, whilst many organisations are failing to keep up with cyber crime, reports show that by applying big data analytics to security risk management businesses can take control.

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