Modern Life Damaging Infant Brains, Says Charity

A charity has warned that the overuse of electronic screens can hinder the physical and emotional development of children under three.

The charity, What About the Children? (Also known as Watch?) highlights the increased use of smartphones and tablets, which can be particularly damaging and could have an impact in later life.

Watch? encourages the importance of secure attachment in the early years, and the vital role that loving care plays in brain development.

Sally Goddard Blyth, director of the Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology said: "Social interaction helps physical development, for example eye contact, singing and talking. That is not happening if a child is in a forward-facing buggy and her mum is using her smartphone.

"Infants need opportunity for free movement and exploration whether that is tummy time, cuddling or rough play.

"Attention, balance and co-ordination skills learned during the first 36 months of life support cognitive learning and have been linked to school performance later."

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