Mobile Threats Evolved Significantly Since 2014

A study has shown that 2014 saw a surge in new mobile threat tactics and an increase in threat sophistication and experimentation.

According to the report, written by security firm Lookout , the new wave of threats was probably in reaction to mobile operators increasing their threat countermeasures and a general crackdown on premium-rate text message abuse.

The report found that while premium-rate text messaging was easily exploited by attackers with great success in 2013, it was relatively easy to implement countermeasures by security firms, mobile operators and platforms.

The report said the success of these countermeasures in 2014 is a double-edged sword, driving attackers to deliver more insidious threats like ransomware.

The success of ransomware in the US and Europe indicates that when thwarted, mobile attackers will innovate to maintain an edge.

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