Mobile Devices Port of Call for 2018

According to research firm Gartner, smartphones and tablets will be the preferred devices for online activities by 2018.

This trend is increasingly becoming the case in emerging markets, where users are adopting smartphones and tablets as their main devices.

Gartner predicts that 78% of global smartphone sales will come from emerging markets and that by 2018 more than half of people will use these devices for internet access.

According to Van Baker, the vice president at Gartner research, users now use smartphones on the go and tablets for longer browsing sessions, turning to traditional PC's for more complex tasks.

He said: "This behaviour will adapt to incorporate wearables as they become widely available for users.

"As voice, gesture and other modalities grow in popularity with consumers, and as content consumption tasks outweigh content creation tasks, this will further move users away from the PC."

According to the firm 40% of organisations will use Wi-Fi as the default for non-mobile, connected devices such as console equipment and desk phones.

Vice president and analyst at Gartner, Ken Dulaney said: "Ethernet cabling has been the mainstay of business workspace connectivity since the beginning of networking.

"However, as smartphones, laptops, tablets and other consumer devices have multiplied; the consumer space has largely converted to a wireless-first world."

The changes will help to fuel BYOD strategies as Wi-Fi helps employees to be more flexible with which devices they use for varying tasks.

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