Mobile Attacks More Vicious

According to a mobile malware report an increase in insidious and malicious attack types should ring alarm bells to strengthen defences.

The security firm, Blue Coat Systems, said mobile attacks are more vicious than ever.

Its report said that as mobile devices become an integral part of people's lives, cyber criminals are using more vicious and disturbingly personal attacks.

Along with the stealthy insertion of spyware on devices that allows attackers to profile behaviour and online habits, researchers found that cyber blackmail through mobile ransomware attacks is quickly emerging as the top malware type in 2015.

Hugh Thompson, chief technology officer and senior vice president at Blue Coat, said: "As we sleep, exercise, work and shop with our mobile devices, cyber criminals are waiting to take advantage of the data these devices collect, as evidenced by the types of malware and attacks we're seeing.

"The implications of this nefarious activity certainly carry over to corporate IT as organisations rapidly adopt cloud-based, mobile versions of enterprise applications, opening up another avenue for attackers."

Thompson believes a comprehensive and strategic approach to managing risk must extend the perimeter to mobile and cloud environments.

He added: "This must be based on a realistic, accurate look at the problem and deploy advanced protections that can prioritise and remediate sophisticated, emerging and unknown threats."

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