38% Of SMBs Depend On Mobile Apps

According to a recent survey by AT&T, 38% of small businesses (companies with between two and fifty employees) view mobile applications as crucial to their operations.

AT&T surveyed 2,246 small business owners and IT stakeholders in December. Around 72% reported using mobile apps in their operations. 38% said "they could not survive -- or it would be a major challenge to survive" if their mobile apps vanished.

Mapping and GPS were top of the list for most popular services with just under half of companies using them. Approximately one in four small businesses are using social media and document management apps on their mobiles. Following closely behind were location-based services (24%), time management (23%), travel and expense tracking (22%), and mobile credit card payments (20%). The main reason given for using the apps was to save time and the smaller the business, the more important this is.

The survey also found that wireless technology pretty much universal these days with 96% of companies polled using some form of it. 40% said that all of their employees use wireless devices or technologies to work remotely - up from 28% in a similar poll from 2008.

The survey also analysed social media use. 41% of respondents reported have a business Facebook page, up from 27% in 2009. 37% of businesses using social media reported increased traffic to their company website as a result.

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