Microsoft fixes email spam flood

Microsoft has reportedly resolved an error affecting its Outlook and Hotmail services.

An undisclosed glitch surfaced that saw users’ inboxes inundated with spam.

The problem first emerged on Tuesday evening, when Microsoft’s mail service, Office 365, reported that “Some users may be receiving excessive spam mail.”

An error meant that standard email filters on both Hotmail and Outlook failed to screen out spam properly.

The issue has now been resolved, with the Office 365 Service site stating that “Everything is up and running.”

Microsoft stated that it had put in place two solutions to clear users’ inboxes and its own infrastructure.

Many of those affected raised the alarm via social media, tweeting their concerns directly to the computing giant.

Comments such as “Who turned off the spam filter? Drowning in junk mail this morning…” and “I don’t know what is going on with @Outlook but this recent uptick in spam in my inbox is really quite annoying” alerted Microsoft to users’ concerns.

These Tweets were met with fast responses, assuring users that the problem had been rectified.

After the event, many users reported back to Microsoft via Twitter: “It seems to be working much better today. Thanks so much for making a quick fix” and “Looking forward to the technical post-mortem blog explaining what happened” were amongst grateful responses.

Microsoft has not gone further to explain the reasons for the mishap.

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