Microsoft adds pop-up to combat Windows 10's "nasty trick"

Microsoft has today announced the addition of a pop-up that aims to give users a clearer view on its upgrades to its new Windows 10 model.

The new Windows 10 model was incorporated into the “Recommended Update” package, resulting in users unknowingly agreeing to upgrade from previous user models.

If users hadn’t already started the upgrade, they could go back and select to only install “Important” updates to their system, which would not include the upgrade.

Many had alleged that the pop-up was a “nasty trick”, bamboozling users into agreeing to an upgrade that many didn’t want.

The news this morning suggests that Microsoft has taken heed of the slurry of disgruntled users who unwittingly made the move to Windows 10.

The computer giant has announced that it has changed its tack, instead appending a pop-up to the update process, which informs users that their scheduled update includes the upgrade.

The additional reminder appears once users have selected the previously minimal-impact update, and points out to them the day and time of installation, plus the option to click to “change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade”.

No amends have been made to the allegedly confusing update options, but the safety function acts as a prompt to allow users to pick up on the confusing “Recommended Update”. 

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