MEPs Vote for Net Neutrality Law

The European Parliament has voted to restrict internet service providers' ability to charge services for faster network access.

The law is designed to ensure internet providers treat all data equally.

The proposal for net neutrality would put the EU at odds with the US, where video streaming service Netflix is currently paving the country's biggest cable firm for preferential treatment on its network.

At the moment, Slovenia and the Netherlands are the only members of the 28 nations to enshrine the principle law.

Mobile and cable firms have warned that the law could prevent them from being able to offer enhanced services.

A joint statement from four trade bodies representing cable and telecomm operators said: "Whilst we support an open internet, a set of misconceptions about our industry, together with a rushed legislative process and a lack of technical analysis, risk transforming the Connected Continent Regulation into an anti-innovation and anti-consumer choice legislation."

"The current draft legislative compromise in the European Parliament reflects very restrictive views on how the internet should work and on how specialised services with enhanced quality could be offered."

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