Study Predicts Massive Growth in Mobile Video

A UK consultancy has today predicted that tiered pricing plans for mobile internet are the future due to the expected increase of mobile video.

Coda Research Consultancy has claimed that by 2015 consumers will be consuming a massive 327,000 terabytes of mobile data each month. This would be an annual growth rate of over 117 per cent, which Mobile Crunch points out would be a 40 - fold increase over five years.

Coda has said that it is mobile video which is at the centre of this change with an even greater predicted annual growth rate of 138 per cent.

Co-founder of Coda, Steve Smith, said that he expects this growth to create a different approach to web price plans on mobile devices. "Flat-rate pricing has helped drive mobile internet adoption," he said, "but we envisage that as smartphone penetration rises and as carriers roll out 4G, carriers will have to move toward tiered pricing."

Although some analysts are concerned about whether this growth rate will lead to peak capacity Coda said that general capacity should be more of a concern. They predict that this could lead to networks being maxed out at all times, not just at peak times such as massive ball games or global events.

Smith warned, "As carrier networks now stand, network utilization will reach 100 per cent in 2012 during peak times, " which he feels explains why a tiered price plan is the only way to continue effective mobile internet provision in the future.

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