Manufacturing a Key Target for Cyber Attackers

Manufacturing a Key Target for Cyber Attackers

A threat intelligence report has revealed that manufacturers are a key and growing target for cybercriminals.

This is one of the top findings of the latest quarterly threat intelligence report by NTT Security.

The overall increase in attacks is attributed to phishing distribution efforts, as threat actors are heavily focussed on finding vulnerable public facing servers.

The tactic of embedding malicious macros into documents sent via phishing emails regained popularity in the quarter as evidenced by an increase in phishing campaigns.

The report said the manufacturing industry is increasingly being targeted as threat actors perceive the prospective gains in attacking networks in this industry. 

The report also highlighted that 21% of manufacturers have suffered a loss of intellectual property in cyber-attacks, while more than 90% of material stolen by cyber spies has been classified “secret” or “proprietary”.

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