malware traffic soars

A new report by Fortinet says malware, phishing attacks and exploits are at an all-time high.

Fortinet's Threatscape report for June reveals that of the 108 new vulnerabilities added to its firewall intrusion detection system in the period, 62 were being actively exploited, equivalent to a 57.4 percent exploit rate.

April-May exploit rates stood at 46.4 percent, with March-April at 31.3 percent.

Of the top 10 most common vulnerabilities noted by Fortinet, two were rated as 'critical', the highest threat level, seven were rated as 'high', and one as 'medium'.

The majority of the vulnerabilities target holes in desktop software rather than on servers or other types of equipment.

Fortinet's threat response team head, Guillaume Lovet, thinks not.

"I have a feeling it is more to do with a shift in strategy," he said. "It is more a consequence of the behaviour of people." According to Lovet, more influential was that old-style malware distribution had failed because ordinary users were now far less likely to click on attachments and links embedded in emails than they would have been in the past.

"The key advantage for malware writers was that exploits required little and in some cases no user interaction. "With exploits you don't need users to click on links."

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