Major websites still making major errors

Major websites still making major errors

A new study by the BBC’s training and development division has concluded that organisations in the UK are still commiting fundamental errors when presenting themselves online.

A review of more than 60 leading websites found that half of them had prominent one-way hyperlinks taking visitors away from the site.

Nearly 30 per cent of the sites examined did not contain a company telephone number, while only 23 per cent displayed a contact number on the home page. reported that 18 per cent of the sites tested gave no opportunity to provide feedback at all. Of those that did, 57 per cent could only be contracted using offline email links rather than the more user-friendly online forms.

Twenty per cent of all the sites tested contained spelling or typing errors, while 47 per cent contained misleading headings. Almost 40 per cent of UK websites also contained orphan pages.

Internet magazine January 2003

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