Linux Celebrates its Birthday

24 years ago today the founder of Linux, Linus Torvals, sent out one of the most famous messages in the computing world.

Today is one of three birthdays for Linux, as there are three dates that can be identified for its birthday. The first was July 3rd 1991 when Linus posted a message about a new project, the second was July 25th 1991, the day he released the information about Linux; and the third was the 5th October 1991 when Linux reached a usable stage.

His message said he was "using a free operating system (just as a hobby) for 368(468) AT clones which has been brewing since April and starting to get ready."

Many are now aware of how that free operating system ended up taking over the computing world and becoming both "big" and "professional".

Linus was only 21 when he started working on Linux in 1991 and version 0.01 of the Linux Kernel was released on September 17th 1991.

Many people don't realise that Linux runs nearly all aspects of the computing world; from the internet itself, to Android phones, routers, and the internet browsers that are used every day.

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