LHC Makes First Major Breakthrough

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) announced the discovery of the first of the particles it had aimed to find.

The experiment which is running at Cern in Switzerland is set up to explore what happened in the moment immediately after the big bang.

Scientists working at the LHC announced on Wednesday that they have found one of the particles which they were aiming to look for - the beauty, or bottom quark.

This detetction marks a first step on the road to discovering new particles as well as how they interact with one another.

Christine Sutton, a Cern physicist likened the discovery to the "first cake off the production line". Although scientists have known about the particle since 1977, Sutton said, "Being able to identify particles you know and love is important, as it demonstrates how well your experiment is working. It gives you a sound foundation when you say you think you've found something new."

The type of beauty quark experiment "LHCb" detected is called a B+. LHCb researchers collected statistics on approximately 10 million proton-to-proton collisions to find the particle.

The LHC which saw its first high-energy physics in March will eventually allow higher-energy physics that it is hoped, will yield insights into the fundamental physical nature of the universe.

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