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LG Unveils Child-Tracking Device

LG has announced a new device designed to let parents keep track of where their child is.

The new device Kizon uses GPS and Wi-Fi uses signals to identify the wearer's location and sends the information to an android app.

LG is targeting the device at families with pre-school and primary school children. The firm say the device can run for up to 36 hours between charges, is water resistant and works with 2G and 3G cellular networks.

The button on the device allows the child to accept calls from approved numbers, and if they fail to answer within 10 seconds, the device will automatically let the caller listen to the machine's built-in microphone.

Some have raised concerns about the idea.

Peter Bradley, director of services at the charity Kidscape said: "A parent should never solely rely on a device alone. This will only give a false sense of security.

"Children still need to be taught about dangers - particularly 'stranger danger'.

"There are ethical points to consider too - should a child be able to be traced as part of going about their daily lives? How can a child develop their own coping strategies knowing a parent is watching over them?"

Justine Roberts, the Mumsnet blogging network's founder said: "New technology has a way of throwing up parenting conundrums that get right to the heart of the line between being responsible for your children and invading their privacy.

"Some parents may want to know the precise location of their children, but most will probably remain happy to yell across the playground or send a text.

"The key thing is to establish good lines of communication with your children, and let them feel that they can talk to you about any tricky situations they find themselves in."

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