Lack of Trust in Tech Damaging Smarthome Technologies

Consumers have less trust in technology and are therefore not allowing it to influence their lives and change their behaviour for the better.

Research by Edelmen has revealed that this fall in consumer trust has led to a drop in use of smartphone technologies.

The firm's research suggests the drop in trust has come about as a result of the revelations of National Security agency Whistleblower Edward Snowden and the UK government's planned surveillance legislation, which has been dubbed the Snooper's Charter. The Snooper's Charter has made consumers question whether or not the data collected by smart technology will be used for good.

Director of Cleantech at Edelman Nick Hay said: "Will consumers allow this nudging from smartmeters to change our lives? Will we really trust these smart technologies and let them through our doors?"

According to Hay, only 14% of homes in the UK have already installed smarthome devices for performance monitoring. Adoption of these technologies however is essential for development and innovation in the industry and the adoption of the technologies all depends on trust.

The research proved that consumer trust is declining rapidly. 49% of consumers claim technology innovation is moving too fast, with 70% saying however that tech is a main driver for change.

Research also shows that consumers believe businesses are implementing this change for money rather than to improve people's lives and over 50% believe technologies are not tested enough before they are introduced.

Hay said: "In the UK energy sector the areas that matter most to customers have the largest gaps in performance.

"The failure to ensure quality control and protect consumer data are particularly relevant for utilities."

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