IoT Security Risks Need Immediate Action

IoT Security Risks Need Immediate Action

Insufficient security measures in today’s internet-connected appliances will only become more pervasive unless action is taken immediately.

Experts in a new industry report believe that inadequate regulations on security and privacy are at the heart of the problem.

The report recommends swift action is taken, saying that with the number of connected devices probably now exceeding the world’s human population, the IoT is already almost inescapable.

Many IoT device users are unaware of the inherent risks of their connected devices and experts reveal that manufacturers often rush products to market without considering basic security requirements and settings.

The threats associated with IoT devices include digital burglary and surveillance. Hacking groups have already proved themselves adept at using freely available analysis tools to discover flaws in devices and turn them into botnets.

The report added that when it comes to surveillance the greatest danger is that without rights and protections users are at risk of becoming a component of the IoT instead of being in control of it.

Professionals warned: “IoT devices could potentially be turned into eavesdropping mechanisms that capture biometric data like fingerprints, voices and faces that access and control them.”

As millions of new connected devices come online every day, the report said IoT device users are still generally aware that their new “smart” appliances will go online, but warned that the “lust for consumer data” could change that in the future.

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