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Internet shapes UK consumer’s perceptions of brand

New Media Age reports that almost half of UK online consumers have altered their opinion about brands as a result of browsing the web, according to a new report published by AOL UK this week.

The research, conducted by The Henley Centre, reveals that 42 per cent of web surfers switched to a different brand after searching for information online, while 43 per cent decided not to purchase a particular brand.

It also shows that Internet consumers trust online information about brands and products more than offline information, with content provided by an ISP being twice as trusted as TV.

Seventy-seven per cent of online consumers said that if they saw a negative review online about a product or brand they would think twice about buying it.

Andy Jonesco, Vice President of interactive marketing at AOL, said: “Marketers should understand that online influences can critically impact how people see their brand,” he said.

“So they need to make information readily available online. We have been arguing the case for online branding for some time and this just verifies our case.”

He pointed out it was the group of consumers who had the strongest opinions about brands that were most likely to switch brand.

The research revealed that brand switchers are more receptive to online ads, with 35 per cent using web ads to help them find things, compared to 26 per cent of total online consumers taking part.

Sources: New Media Age

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