INTERNET SECURITY: UK & Australia Fresh Targets in

Digital attacks on the UK and Australia in particular and the US at large continue to mount as tension over the Iraq issue and further violence between Israel and Palestine remains entrenched.

The preliminary estimate of Economic Damage for the first week in October based on initial calculations puts the total damage caused

worldwide by all hacker groups at between US $51m (£33m) and $63m (£40m). [Source: EVEDA (Economic Value Engine for Damage Analysis) component of SIPS]

Overt digital attacks have included several high profile breaches such as the online systems of the US State Department, the California

Energy Commission and the World Health Organisation's South East Asia Regional Office (WHO SEARO).

The Unix Security Guards (USG), a Pro-Islamic hacking group, was responsible for 1,417 of the attacks in October so far: 1,142 on USA,

124 on UK and 99 on Australia. USG was first formed in May 2002 and so

far it has carried out 1,772 anti-Israel and anti-US/UK attacks.

Every time there has been an incursion of Israeli forces into Palestinian controlled territories, including 7th October's raid on Khan Younis in which 14 Palestinians were killed, USG has launched a relentless series of attacks against the US, UK and Israel.

USG have been responsible for 21% of the 595 attacks on the UK so far in October, always leaving highly politicised messages which are

anti-Israel, US and UK.

Although it is too early to say, the initial estimate of economic damage worldwide from overt digital attacks in September has been calculated at between 270 and 325 Million US Dollars [£170m and £210m].

"It is clear that these digital attacks are having an impact on business productivity, confidence levels, brand names as well as compromising trust and integrity" says DK Matai, Chairman and CEO of mi2g.

"Board level executives are only now beginning to recognize that protecting

critical infrastructure is a priority and it requires a long term strategic approach."

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