Internet of Things to Get New Spectrum Licenses

Ofcom is to launch a new license product to more adequately address and accommodate IoT use cases.

The decision followed a consultation on the spectrum which is currently made available to such applications.

It found that the very high-frequency bands were suitable for delivering IoT services in rural areas and that wider use of these frequencies could be accommodated without hurting existing users.

Ofcom aimed to address a misconception that its existing business radio (BR) license products were only designed for voice, and therefore unsuitable, and questioned whether a new form of licensing specifically for the IoT would be a good idea.

Ofcom said it was concerned the confusion could be “hindering investment and development in the IoT and in the VHF bands more generally." 

A new license will be introduced later this year to replace its BR products and support IoT applications.EY telecoms regulator, Adrian Baschnonga, said the use of VHF bands for IoT services would best suit rural and energy sector applications where long-range connectivity and low-power are essential.

He added: “Yet many service providers are also focused on the opportunity for low power IoT delivered via other frequency bands, either through licensed or licence-exempt spectrum. In this light, many companies with ambitions in IoT face an ever-widening array of technology choices.” 

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