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A new policy has been launched that makes considerations for driverless car features.

Launched by insurance company, Adrian Flux, the policy covers cars that already include elements such as automatic parking and anti-lock braking systems (ABS), or customers who are considering buying a car with these capabilities.

Gerry Bucke, General Manager at Adrian Flux, said: “More than half of new cars sold last year featured autonomous safety technology, such as self-parking or ABS, which effectively either take control or take decisions on behalf of the driver. And it’s only going to continue. Driverless technology will become increasingly common in our cars over the next few years.”

Adrian Flux has said its policy will be updated to reflect developments in driverless technology and decisions surrounding liability questions.

With an estimated 90% of road fatalities caused at least partly by human error, the move towards self-driving cars will likely reduce car insurance premiums in future.

Adrian Flux has claimed that this possible decrease in accidents means the new policy may be cheaper than current ones. The company has maintained that other factors, including location and overnight parking, affect pricing.

Bucke reported: “We already provide discounts for cars fitted with assistive technology, such as autonomous braking, as it has been proved to reduce accidents, and therefore claims.”

Amongst other stipulations, the policy covers drivers for failure to install vehicle software updates and security patches, satellite failure or outages affecting navigation systems and loss or damage if the car gets hacked.

Such features are timely, following the announcement in last month’s Queen’s speech that compulsory cover will now apply to accidents where the car, rather than driver, is at fault.  

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