HD TV Viewers Are Not Using HD Capacity

A study has revealed that millions of Britons who have paid for HD televisions are not getting a better quality picture.

The British Video Association (BVA) has released survey showning that more than 6 million people who believe that they are watching HD quality images are mistaken.

Although more than 55 per cent of UK households have bought HD technology, through incorrect installation, many users have failed to unlock the advanced picture quality.

A spokesman for the BVA, Mr Simon Heller stated, "In the run-up to the World Cup even more people will be looking to invest in HD, but they need to be aware that a high definition television alone does not mean that they are watching content in high definition.

"You are only getting a high definition experience if you are watching content via a bolt-on high definition set-top box, a Blu-ray player or a PS3 console."

Ofcom has recently uncovered new data which suggests that around 70 per cent of the total TV sales for the quarter were for HD ready television sets. (2.33 million)

The report also revealed that 91.4 per cent of households with a television, are now watching digital TV.

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