Hacking Team Hacked

A controversial hacking company which sells surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies has been hacked.

400GB of internal documents were leaked, showing the company sold its software to oppressive regimes in Sudan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, despite their continuous denials.

The hackers posted the internal documents on a range of file-sharing websites as well as defacing the company's Twitter account and replacing the logo to "Hacked Team".

Hacking Team is one of a number of private companies that develop highly-sophisticated cybertools to allow the surveillance of people's smartphones and computers.

Security researchers have been digging through the leaked documents which includes invoices and emails. The list of countries which is using or has used Hacking Team ranges from the United States to Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Sudan.

One of the most controversial revelations from the hack was the sale of the cyberweapons to Sudan.

The identity of the hackers remains unknown, however many have suggested the same group that hacked Gamma International in 2014 is behind this attack.

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