Hack Attack Hits Dota 2

Game Dota 2 has been hit by a hack attack on its chat forum.

The game, created by Valve, has been compromised via its official chat forum.

News of the attack went public shortly before Dota 2’s global gaming tournament held in Seattle – The International. The tournament gives competing teams the chance to win over £15m.

Security company Leaked Source reported the attack via its website, announcing that more than 1.9 million people’s email addresses, user names and passwords had been stolen in the hack.

Of the total email addresses hacked, over 1 million were Google Gmail. Another large proportion of the compromised accounts were seemingly disposable ones created simply to sign up to the forums.

According to Leaked Source, there were few extra security measures protecting passwords, making accounts weak and easy to crack.

The attack is said to have taken place on 10 July, but went undetected for one day.

After stealing players’ data, the hackers covered their tracks, protecting details of the theft using the MD5 hashing system

.Leaked Source claims, however, to have been able to recover more than 80% of the hashed records and convert them back to readable text.

Valve has yet to respond to the report. 

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