Call For Greater Web Controls for Young Mobile Users

Mobile phones should be fitted with greater parental controls, according to Government advisor Professor Tanya Byron.

Professor Byron proposed that the industry should agree on a code to ensure children are provided with safe places online.

The UK is the only country in the world to have established a body made up of industry members, charities and the government to help children be safer online - the UK council for child internet safety.

However Byron argues that more needs to be done.

She told the BBC: "Let's have standards across the board, codes of conduct so that industry can say to parents and families this is what we are doing for your children on the sites and we can measure their success in doing that."

The proposed scheme could include safety features such as Panic buttons which children can use if they see inappropriate sites as well as advice for children on how they can help to establish privacy settings.

She said acting fast was important for the protection of children. "Do it fast as parents and children need this to happen so they can enjoy the online space safely."

A final concern for Byron is underage children participating on social networking sites.

"How many parents know their children are on social networks?

"I think definitely it is very much about responsibility that starts in the home - how we parent our children. How we talk to our children about being safe whether online or offline."

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