Labour to resurrect website for complaints on red tape

A defunct online portal that enabled business groups to complain about the burden of red tape is to be resurrected by the Government in an effort to cut down on regulation, The Times has learnt.

The website, which will be relaunched in the spring, will allow businesses and lobby groups to complain about specific regulations.

The Government has promised to review the grievances in a “reasonable” time frame, saying that some laws could be repealed. If, however, a proposal from business is rejected, the Government will explain why the regulation is necessary.

The portal, which was tried once before but wound down after a poor response from business, is part of the Government’s official response to a report last year by the Better Regulation Commission (BRC), an independent task force. The Government will also adopt other recommendations by the BRC, including a risk-management training course for ministers and senior officials.

In a speech today to the Institute for Public Policy Research, the think-tank, Pat McFadden, the Cabinet Office Minister, will emphasise the need to “share” the responsibility for governance with the public and business. However, the Government is also keen to highlight areas where regulation is beneficial, he will say. Rather than invoke “knee-jerk” responses to media campaigns, the Government will undertake to ensure it makes a “proportionate” and considered response.

Mr McFadden said yesterday that the portal would enable the Government “to engage people in a transparent process through which individuals and business can tell government their experiences and frustrations”. He added: “We want to get the right balance between the government responsibility to provide the protection and support that is right and necessary, without creating burden and overcomplexity.”

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