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Google Vows To Fix Android 4.2 December Bug

Google has promised to correct the 'December' anomaly, after the month was left off the 2012 calendar as part of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update.

Following the recent Android update, when users attempted to enter the birthday details of their December friends, they found that no such option existed. The issue first came to the attention of the Android development mailing list on November 14, with Google stating on its Google+ page that a resolution will be on its way soon.

"We discovered a bug in the Android 4.2 update, which makes it impossible to enter December events in optional fields of the People app (this bug did not affect Calendar). Rest assured, this will be fixed soon so that those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won't be forgotten by your friends and family."

However, the feature is only missing from the front-end. Should you wish to add a contact through Gmail, the data will synchronise perfectly with your mobile; but users will be unable to add/edit contact details regarding dates in December.

Currently the error lies with those using the recently released Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices, but with Android 4.2 only accounting for a small percentage of the Android user base, it's only a small drop in the mobile ocean for Android fans.

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