Google Trends Change Through Leaders Debate

Google, Blinkx and social media trends during last night's debate suggest that it is policies rather than people that have the public's attention. Definitions of the phrases used by the leaders were the top searched items during the airing of the discussion on ITV1 last night. The words "Quango" with reference to Cameron's policy to reduce unelected bodies, and "Trident," the nuclear deterrant Clegg spoke of scrapping, were the subjects of the majority of increased search engine traffic. In terms of the leaders themselves, Nick Clegg and David Cameron were searched for significantly more than Brown, during the 90 minute period last night. However Google was quick to point out that, "overwhelming [all] these debate-related queries was the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the closure of British air space". Video searches on the site Blinkx also increased a great deal for Cameron and Clegg as the pair were up 125 per cent and 126 per cent. Meanwhile, searches for Gordon Brown rose 83 per cent. Social Media was another extremely active forum for discussion with ITV and Facebook's online voting system both crashing during the debate. However micro-blogging site Twitter only reported around 37,000 Tweets from the debate's 10 million viewers.

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