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Google Pixel 3 Overheating Issues Cause Phones to Shut Down

Google Pixel 3 smartphone faces serious overheating issues, wreaking havoc for thousands of users.


Since its launch in October this year, the Google Pixel 3 smartphone has seen its fair share of issues.


Problems saving photos, memory management issues and spontaneous appearances of a virtual second notch in the display are but a few of the problems faced by users of the Google device.


Now, we can add yet another roadblock to the list; an overheating issue causing Google’s latest flagship to completely shut itself down while charging, as reported by 9to5Google.


Numerous users across Reddit and Pixel User Community forums on social media have reported the issue, stating that the overheating problem is seemingly triggered when the phone is performing an action whilst charging.


Users are first notified that the phone is getting warm and that some features will be limited while the phone cools down, then the phone becomes considerably slow in charging speed.


If the problem fails to resolve itself, the phone will completely shut itself down, with a notification appearing upon reboot that says “Phone turned off due to heat”.


According to user reports, the issue seems to occur regardless of whether the Pixel 3 is being charged on a Pixel, stand, a third-party wireless charger or by USB Type-C cable.


At present, the only solution to the overheating issue seems to be a replacement headset.


Google has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

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