Google Ordered to Delete Street View Data

Google Australia must destroy the payload data harvested from unsecured wi-fi networks by the firm's controversial StreetView car fleet in 2010.

The Australian Privacy Commission has ordered the deletion of the data and requested that Google commits to an audit to ensure that no other disks containing this data exist.

Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim expressed his concern that further data had been discovered "particularly as Google had advised that the data was destroyed."

He said: "Organisations that retain personal information that is no longer required could leave individuals at risk should it be misused," Mr Pilgrim wrote in the email, dated August 6.

"I appreciate your advising me of this matter, and look forward to confirmation that the data has been destroyed."

This is the latest in a long line of 'slaps on the wrist' for Google who has been fined by regulators in the US for violating privacy laws and has contacted governments in the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria about the security breaches.

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