Google Inundated With 'Takedown Requests'

Google has been inundated with requests to remove in excess of 100 million links since January for web pages believed to be in breach of copyright laws.

The figure is double the amount it received for the whole of last year, and suggests that publishers are serious about the battle against internet piracy.

Millions of 'takedown' requests are sent to Google on a weekly basis in a bid to make pirated material more difficult to access online.

However, critics insist this is the wrong approach.

Mark Mulligan, a technology analyst at Midia Consulting, said: "As soon as you take down one page another pops up in its place.

"This is because file sharing has become very decentralised - there is no central server you can just shut down."

A significant percentage of the takedown requests made under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other national copyright laws are generated by third parties on behalf of copyright holders.

Google started publishing these requests in its Transparency Report last year, and numbers have increased as right holders have made more use of the reporting system.

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