Google Chrome Boasts 30 Per Cent Increased Speed

Google's latest beta version of its Chrome browser boasts a 30 per cent speed increase on the last version and a 213 per cent improvement over the first beta.

"We've been tuning, testing, and polishing the V8 [JavaScript] engine to give Chrome a hefty boost in speed," said Google developers in a blog post.

They are also claiming a 35 per cent improvement in performance on the previous version, which is 305 per cent better than the first beta.

Google Chrome 5.0.375.29 is available in beta for the Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

The new release adds the ability to apply pre-defined browser preferences such as language, themes, and homepage settings in multiple machines through users' centralised Google accounts.

Chrome's latest version also adopts several HTML5 features, including geolocation APIs (application programming interfaces), application caching and drag-and-drop capabilities.

This is the first Chrome beta to feature initial integration of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, which will enable users to receive security and feature updates for Flash Player automatically.

"Lastly, with this beta's crazy speed improvements, we designed a series of equally unconventional speed tests for the browser," the development team wrote.

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