Google Cuts Back on Android Security Fixes

As Google cuts back on security updates for older versions of its smartphone operating system, millions of Android users could be at risk.

Around 60% of all Android users on Android 4.3 or older will be affected by the change.

The change was brought to light by security experts who found vulnerabilities in the web view component of Android 4.3, which is used to display web pages on an Android device.

The security experts, known as Tod Beardsley and Joe Vennix, contacted Google to let it know about the loophole. They expected to hear that Google was working to patch the bug, however were instead told that they were now only fixing bugs found in the two most recent versions.

In a blog post, Mr Beardsley said Google's Android Security team told him it would "welcome" a patch from the researchers if they produced one, but would not be making one itself. It added that it would tell its Android partners about the bug, even though no fix would occur.

Over the last year, Mr Beardsley and Mr Vennix have uncovered 11 separate vulnerabilities in the web view component.

Mr Beardsley wrote on his latest blog post: "It would appear that over 930 million Android phones are now out of official Google security patch support."

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