Google Adds Interactivity to Search Results

Google has added a number of features to its service.

Internet users can play games and hear noises when entering certain search terms.Searching ‘solitaire’ or ‘tic-tac-toe’ brings up an interactive game as the first search result on Google, which users can click to play.

The games are further customisable with various levels of difficulty to choose from and a multiplayer option, so users can compete with a player next to them.

Inputting the phrase ‘coin flip’, an animated coin turns automatically upon reaching the landing page, revealing either heads or tails.

A search of the phrase ‘coin flip’ will generate an animated coin within the search engine results pages (SERPs), and reveal either heads or tails there and then; no click through required.

Google has also implemented audio results – when users search phrases such as ‘what does a lion sound like’, a playable soundbite appears. Other animals have been given audio results, including apes, elephants, owls and raccoons. The newly-enabled audios do not appear when users add a question mark to the search term.

Googles new search features display at the top of the results page, above any popular or sponsored content.

The feature also continues Google’s trend in recent years of providing more results within the SERPs, negating the need for users to click through to a website at all.

While these new features are novel additions to Google’s service, there is speculation surrounding their potential to harm office productivity. In 2010, Google released a Pac Man Doodle, which RescueTime reported lost 4.82 million hours of productivity from the US economy.

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