General Electric Says it Will Spread its Bets on IT Sourcing

General Electric have announced today that it would seek to diversify its IT sourcing strategy worldwide.

It is said that this move may reverse GEs historic concentration of work offshored to India.

GE's chief information officer for Latin America João Lencioni said that the company's strategy is to spread out areas of concentrated workers to move towards an increasingly global approach.

"We would like to have global coverage for IT services and not keep so much concentration on India," he said.

"We have been in India since the early 1990s and have learned a lot with the providers, the model has continually evolved. India will remain relevant and a key area for us, but we want to develop some alternatives - for example, we are stating an experiment in Chile."

"There is also an opportunity to bring some IT knowledge back into the company," he added.

"Those requirements changed heavily in the last few years. For example, we now have laws around electronic accounting and tax filing which did not exist before, as well as electronic invoicing regulations, that have now come into play," he said.

Lencioni said that both India and Brazil have their own merits when it comes to IT management and have both improved in that respect over the past few years.

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