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Facebook Working on Brain-powered Tech

Facebook Working on Brain-powered Tech

Facebook has announced it is working on technology to allow users to control computers directly with their brains.

The social media giant is developing “silent speech” software to allow people to type at a rate of 100 words per minute.

The project is in its early stages and will require new technology to detect brainwaves without needing invasive surgery.

Facebook’s Regina Dugan said: "We are not talking about decoding your random thoughts.

"You have many thoughts; you choose to share some of them.

"We’re talking about decoding those words. A silent speech interface – one with all the speed and flexibility of voice."

Ms Dugan is the company’s head of Facebook’s hardware research lab, Building 8. The company said it intends to build both the hardware and software to achieve its goal and has enlisted a team of more than 60 scientists and academics to work on the project.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page: "The problem is that the best way we have to get information out into the world – speech – can only transmit about the same amount of data as a 1980s modem.

"We're working on a system that will let you type straight from your brain about five times faster than you can type on your phone today.

"Eventually, we want to turn it into a wearable technology that can be manufactured at scale. Even a simple yes/no 'brain click' would help make things like augmented reality feel much more natural.

"Technology is going to have to get a lot more advanced before we can share a pure thought or feeling, but this is a first step."

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