Facebook swells to one in seven UK page views

The UK is doing its bit to run up Facebook's server bills, with the site now accounting for one in every seven pages viewed in the region and users spending more time on the site each visit, according to September data from Experian Hitwise.The social networking website accounted for 14.5% of all UK internet page views during September, equivalent to one in every seven.

Facebook was the second most visited website in the UK after Google UK, but because the social networking site's users view a much larger number of pages per visit, Facebook was the clear leader in terms of page views.Last month the site received more page views than Google UK, eBay UK and YouTube combined, according to Hitwise.

UK internet visits to Facebook increased by 86.1% between September 2008 and September 2009, and have more than doubled over the last 14 months.

During September 2009, the site accounted for almost half (49.2%) of all UK internet visits to a social networking website.

Robin Goad, director of research for Experian Hitwise in the UK, said: "Although it has fallen somewhat off the media radar in favour of Twitter recently, Facebook remains far and away the most popular social networking website in the UK.

"One significant factor is that the site's growth in the UK doesn't yet show any signs of slowing.

"A key measure of success for any social network is average session time; as we have seen with sites such as Friends Reunited and MySpace, when average session times begins to drop off visitor numbers soon follow.

"Facebook has yet to experience this problem: Hitwise monitoring data shows that its average visit time increased from 19 minutes 59 seconds in September 2008 to 26 minutes 14 seconds during September 2009 [a 31% increase]."

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