Facebook Introduces One-Time Passwords

Facebook has announced new tools designed to secure user accounts and protect data in the face of ongoing criticism of its privacy measures.

The social networking site has added a one-time password authentication option which it claimed will make it safer to use Facebook on public computers.

In a recent blog post the firm said, "facebook provides a number of ways to help you protect yourself and your account, and today we are announcing new features to help make your experience on Facebook more secure."

"We're launching one-time passwords to make it safer to use public computers in places like hotels, cafés or airports.

"If you have any concerns about the security of the computer you're using while accessing Facebook, we can text you a one-time password to use instead of your regular password."

One-time passwords can be requested by texting 'OTP' to 32665. This will return a password that expires in 20 minutes and can be used in place of the user's personal password.

Facebook said that subscribers will have to add a mobile phone number to their account information, and the service will be rolled out to global users gradually.

The company has also added a remote sign-out option for users who have forgotten to sign out from another computer.

This session control can be accessed through the Account Settings page, where users can check whether they are still logged in to Facebook on other devices and remotely log out.

The firm advised people who find someone else logged in to their account to shut down that unauthorised login before resetting their password.

As an additional measure, Facebook will regularly advise members to update their security options and change passwords.

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