Experts Hack Smart Light-bulbs

Security experts have demonstrated how easy it is to hack smart LED light bulbs.

Details were released from Context Security about how their experts were able to hack into the Wi-Fi network of one brand of network-enabled bulb and control the lights remotely.

Michael Jordan, research director at Context Security said: "We bought some light bulbs and examined how they talked to each other and saw that one of the messages was about the username and password.

"By posing as a new bulb joining the network we were able to get that information.

"We were able to steal credentials for the wireless network, which in turn meant we could control the lights."

The phenomenon known as the internet of things is enabling everyday objects to become connected to the internet, and according to the research firm Gartner, the number of objects that can be potentially hacked is set to rise exponentially.

The firm predicts there will be 26.5 billion physical objects embedded with technology by 2020 and believes the industry will be worth £1.9tn by that time.

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