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Emergency Patch Fixes Adobe Flash Flaw

Adobe has released an emergency patch for a flaw in its Flash software, which was being widely exploited by thieves.

The patch is said to stop the flaws being exploited on some versions of Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

Adobe is also investigating reports that another previously unknown flaw is being used in a popular cybercrime kit sold online. The kit is favoured by gangs who use malicious programs that demand a ransom after they encrypt important files.

Adobe Flash Player is used on many websites to show video and multimedia content.

The flaw appeared to be present on older versions of Flash, however analysis shows it was being most widely abused through the Internet Explorer browser on Windows machines.

The other flaw that Adobe is investigating has appeared in the Angler exploit kit that many cyber thieves have adopted.

Security researchers have said the flaw is being widely used in booby-trapped adverts to compromise vulnerable computers.

When the malware lands on a machine it tries out different tactics to help the creators cash in, whether that be through scrambling files and demanding a ransom, to seeking out banking details and hijacking web ads that people are browsing.

Adobe said it hoped to produce a patch for this other flaw next week, as the latest emergency patch failed to fix it.

A report by networking giant Cisco said Angler was the most widely used exploit kit during 2014. It said its popularity was down to its use of a wide range of vulnerabilities found in Flash, Java, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft programs.

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