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E-greetings Trojan causes concern

Users of electronic greetings cards should be wary – they might be receiving more than a cute message. Cyber-security company Security Focus has warned of new Trojan that leads to barrage of pop-up ads for porn sites.

The company, which is now owned by Symantec, has pointed out that email users who receive a mail from are taken to a website,, where they are tricked into downloading an e-card viewer. It's no such thing of course, and recipients will soon find themselves handling the sort of material that would never find its way onto an e-greetings site.

The scam which is operated by Canadian company, Cytron Communications, is possibly illegal as users are lured into downloading the viewer under false pretences. However, it is unlikely that anyone would have the patience to take action against the company.

Security Focus reported that Cytron CEO, Richard Oliver was unrepentant. "I can name you about a hundred different companies, publicly traded companies, that are doing far worse than I am. You've never heard of Kazaa, you've never heard of Morpheus, nobody's ever heard of any of these file-sharing companies that put all kinds of software on your computer?... Well, now you've heard of us."

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