Ebay Founder to Revolutionise Paid For News

Ebay founder, Pierre Omidyar has announced the launch of a new paid-for online news service.

The entrepreneur is launching a new site that will make users pay to exchange ideas and discuss the issues which are affecting their communities.

By charging £13 a month as a membership fee, Omidyar is hoping to achieve what so many have struggled with - making online news profitable.

In a recent interview, Omidyar stated, "It's really critical to help find a new way to do journalism that connects with ordinary citizens in a better way, I think that is what's been lacking. Because the industry has been preoccupied with its own decline, it hasn't had the opportunity to reinvent itself.

"As a new startup, we have the opportunity to reinvent that and bring journalism back into the centre of conversation."

The ebay founder is currently trialing his new venture in Hawaii with a site called civilbeat.com. The unique aspect of the site is the discussion section, which encourages users to comment on daily affairs.

Omidyar stated, "Journalism plays a central role in the way democracy works, especially in this country. And our democracy doesn't work when journalism doesn't work."

"As I saw the decline in the industry, I really became concerned especially with our local communities not just here in Hawaii, but nationwide."

The entrepreneur also said, that because the site will have a billing relationship with its users and will not allow anonymous comments, it will ensure that no improper observations are made on the site.

Omidyar is hoping to encourage a "higher level of conversation," stating: "I think the quality of conversation is going to be something which really creates a sense of value for people, especially for people who are concerned about issues in their community and want meaningful discussions and debate."

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