Early-age Programming Lessons for Estonian Children

Children in Estonia are set to begin their computer-programming education during their first days of school as the country pilots a new scheme to create the developers of the future.

According to tech news site Venture Beat, the Estonian Tiger Leap Foundation has launched a program called "ProgeTiiger", where students in school years one to 12 will be introduced to computer programming and developing web and mobile applications.

The country, which gave the world Skype and Playtech, plans to begin school childrens' programming education as soon as they start school.

Tiger Leap Foundation training sphere manager Ave Lauringson explained that children are now interested in technology from an early age and the ProgeTiiger programme enables students to evolve from consumers of software to developers of the future.

Primary school students will be the first to trial the lessons - once their teachers have completed training in September and pilot schools with be the first to start the programme, with state schools following later. There'll also be programming hobby-groups for middle school and selective courses for high school.

The Estonian Tiger Leap Foundation explained that it started this project because it saw how many companies struggle to find decent programmers and the group believes it can push Estonia to the forefront of Eastern Europe's IT development and growth.

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