Digital Education in the UK is Patchy

Chairman of Capgemini UK has said digital education in the UK is ‘patchy’.

Christine Hodgson said the education surrounding technology and digital skills varies from school to school and as technology changes so frequently schools often find it difficult to keep up.

She said: “They say there’s a problem in the UK with the lack of digital skills.

“Can teachers really keep pace with the change? It’s a big ask.”

It is estimated that a majority of the jobs young people will be entering in the future do not actually exist yet and digital skills are becoming increasingly important.

Hodgson said this increase in the need for technical knowledge in non-tech roles means people across all sectors will need to know how to use technology and believes that leaving people without digital skills could lead to unwillingness to use technology in the future.

Hodgson added: “If we don’t help people to learn digital skills, there’s a chance they will eventually be more disengaged.”

Hodgson believes more employers should play a bigger role in telling schools what digital skills the industry needs to make sure all children leave school with 100% employability. 

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