Dell Launching $60M Fund to Invest In Storage Startups

Founder of Dell and company CEO, Michael Dell, has announced that Dell will soon be launching a $60 million (£38.4 million) fund to invest in storage startups.

Dell highlighted the popularity of big data and said it has been a "huge area" for his company. He added that there is an "enormous opportunity" for new companies - and continued to explain the focus on helping companies (especially those with less than 10,000 people) accessing to use "the huge quantities of data" that they're already storing, in real time.

"The storage world is really getting shaken up a tremendous amount," Dell said, speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen. He then explaining that the goal of the fund is to "get out in front" of these new technologies.

Dell also discussed the company's transformation in the past five years, after switching the focus away from PCs. Dell (the company) is best-known as a PC, desktops and laptop manufacturer and these products do still account for the majority of its revenue, although Dell (the person) said the company has made a "concerted shift" into enterprise solutions like security, data centres, cloud, and services.

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