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DDoS Attacks Hit Three Quarters of Global Brands in 2015

A report has revealed that more than seven in ten global brands were hit by DDoS attacks in 2015.

According to the latest survey by communications and analyst firm Neustar, few organisations were spared DDoS attacks last year.

The survey questioned 1,000 IT professionals; 73% reported DDoS attacks in 2015 and 82% suffering repeated attacks and 57% suffering subsequent theft. 

The report said it is now no longer a matter of when or if the attacks may happen, but how often and how long the attack will last.

The report also demonstrated that DDoS defence-savvy organisations are increasingly equipping themselves accordingly.

The research results found that although revenue loss caused by DDoS-related outage is usually the main concern, 57% of all breaches involved some sort of theft – including the theft of intellectual property, customer data and financial information.

The research shows that although DDoS attacks continue to evolve, organisations are fighting back.

The report revealed that 76% of companies are now investing more in DDoS protection than in 2014, and 47% of those who were attacked are participating in security groups to share information on threats and counter measures.

Head of IT security research at Neustar, Rodney Joffe, said: “The findings of our most recent report are clear: attacks are unrelenting around the world but organisations are now recognising DDoS attacks for what they are – an institutionalised weapon of cyber warfare – and so are protecting themselves.

“We present the data from our third DDoS survey as a means to inform the public of the dangers associated with DDoS attacks, and advance a conversation about the importance of multi-layered cyber security.

“This should be a discourse that reaches from security through to marketing as, when a DDoS attack hits, the reverberations are felt like a domino effect throughout all departments.”

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