DDoS Attacks Grow by a Third

According to security firm Corero Network Security distributed denial of service attacks continue to plague companies and have grown by a third in the last three months.

In the last few months some companies have been hit by 4.5 DDoS attacks a day, an increase of a third from the previous quarter.

Corero said the increase in attacks was mostly caused by the ease of access to cheap and sometimes free attack tools that are easy to execute.

CTO and VP for product at Corero, Dave Larson, said: "Attackers are continuing to leverage DDoS attacks as part of their cyber threat arsenal to disrupt business operations or access sensitive corporate information, and they're doing it in increasingly creative ways that circumvent traditional security solutions or nullify the previous effectiveness of scrubbing centres.

"In order to effectively protect their networks, prevent disruptions to customer operations, and better protect against data theft and financial loss, companies need real-time visibility and mitigation of all DDoS attack traffic targeting their networks, regardless of size or duration."

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